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Another CBC Radio interview with Gregor Craigie. Listen to Daniel chat about the future of chocolate on Denman Island, and around the world.

welcome to chocolate nirvana

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denman island chocolate - we bring the goodness

Denman Island Chocolate was founded on the principle that everyone can make a positive change in the world. We are lucky enough to be able to do our part, and to do it deliciously. We bring the goodness. 

We use organic chocolate made for us in Europe. It has a signature smoothness, along with a cocoa richness not found in other bars. To our chocolate we add the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. We make a lot of flavours with a lot of interesting ingredients. What we don’t use is palm oil, GMOs, animal products, waxes, salt, preservatives, or artificial ingredients of any kind. Our chocolate is also soy, corn, peanut and gluten free. 

As well as creating goodness in our chocolate, we are also committed to sharing that goodness with the world around us. Every year Denman Island Chocolate donates at least 1% of our gross income to local groups that support environmental conservation. So far that’s over $100,000! Our activism focus these days lies in our unique fundraiser bars (like our Orca Coconut bar) produced to support specific conservation campaigns financially and through raising awareness. And we create goodness directly right in our neighbourhood. Our beautiful chocolate factory  in the woods was designed and built with eco-sustainability in mind. There is always more good work to do and we are committed to doing it.

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We can be reached by email: info@denmanislandchocolate.com


Denman Island Chocolate Ltd.

4321 Denman Road, Denman Island, BC, V0R 1T0