giving back

our commitment to the environment

Denman Island Chocolate is run on the principle that it is important to make a positive change in the world. Every business decision takes this into account. Environmentally, this includes everything from using recycled and recyclable packaging materials whenever possible to wrapping our chocolate melter in a cocoa cosy, reducing the amount of electricity necessary to run it. And the conservation covenant on the chocolate factory property keeps things green right here at home.

Also, every year, Denman Island Chocolate donates at least 1% of our gross income to local groups that support environmental conservation. That means that every chocolate bar you buy triggers a small part of that donation; the 1% from a lot of chocolate bars adds up to tens of thousands of dollars. 

We love our bioregion - the symbiosis of flora, fauna and climate that has evolved over millennia - and we believe that it is important to do everything possible to protect it. The groups we support have a variety of mandates that all fall under the rubric of conservation. We have donated money for land trust advocacy, green education campaigns, lobbying for ocean issues, offshore oil drilling issues, wildlife, forestry, fisheries and agricultural issues. We have sponsored Bike to Work Week and supported organisations working to promote cycling as an alternative to the traffic that is eating our cities.

Here is a partial list of the groups we have supported and continue to support: Denman Conservancy Association, Sierra Club of BC, Dogwood Initiative, Habitat Acquisition Trust, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Georgia Strait Alliance, Pacific Wild, Raincoast Conservation, Pull Together and more

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